POOWONG Landcare initiated a media campaign some months ago to remind farmers that silage wrap is a recyclable product and must not be burned or buried.
Local transfer stations will accept it. Silage wrap must be uncontaminated, rope, twine and net is not recyclable.
Transfer stations at Lardner, Trafalgar, Neerim South and Erica will take clean silage wrap – free of charge – packed in Bulka Bags, which are available free of charge at the transfer station.
At Drouin Recyclers there is a small charge; Koonwarra and Foster free in Plasbac bags – $11 charge for Bulka Bags.
Please phone the above for opening hours.
On a recent ring around, it was very encouraging to hear that the above shire transfer stations report that silage wrap intake is increasing.
Some promising news on this subject is that three clever students at an English University have invented an edible silage wrap and won a handsome prize for this.
A company called Bionet.Agriculture Ltd was formed, but unfortunately so far as I can discover, this company no longer exists.
Such a shame – maybe someone out there has some information about this.
We hope everyone is recovering from the recent devastating bushfires and we all look forward to a cooler and calmer Autumn.
Wendy Davis is the Vice President of Poowong Landcare.