A FULLY-laden, B Double grain truck, delivering for a Leongatha stockfeed firm, tipped over on Bena-Kongwak Road on Monday this week, at approximately 11.30am.
The incident happened 200 metres south of the Fitzgeralds Road intersection, on the crest of hill outside Haw’s front gate.
The condition of the driver, who was taken away by ambulance, is unknown.
Although weather conditions were very windy at the time of the accident, hampering the response by emergency services, the day was fine and the road dry.
It is unknown how the driver came to grief, tipping the huge truck and trailer right across the road from bank to bank, completely cutting off traffic going either way.
As well as Ambulance Victoria, the Loch CFA Road Accident Rescue Crew turned out with Korumburra CFA among those in support. Police also attended.
Salvage of the truck had to wait while hundreds of tonnes of grain was removed by auger from underneath the truck’s tarps which stayed intact, preventing spillage of the stockfeed.