DAIRY Australia and GippsDairy organised a special International Women’s Day luncheon at Leongatha’s Lucinda Estate Winery however while there was plenty of talk, some fine wine and delightful food, there was some important business done as well.
All those who attended were connected to the farming community in some way, including financial advisors and others working in support services.
And they heard some powerful words of encouragement from guest speaker Me Edwards who stressed that women needed to put themselves forward for leadership roles in the community if they wanted to bring about change.
“Quite often women who think they’d like try their hand at leadership positions either consider themselves underqualified or feel they should go out and get their qualifications first before putting their hands up.”
But the reality is, according to Meg, is that men don’t let that stand in their way. They tend to go with what they’ve got and if necessary pick up the skills along the way.
“We’ve got to be prepared to get out there and have a go ourselves if we want to bring about change.”
Mrs Edwards didn’t dwell on her own confronting experiences as a South Gippsland Shire Councillor instead choosing to accentuate the positives when it came to encouraging the women in the group and others to have a go.
About 20 people attended the event, coming from all parts of South Gippsland from the drought-tested Yarram region through to the western end of the region.
Lucinda Estate Winery provided the ideal rural outlook with the guests seated at a long table in the wine-tasting room, overlooking the abundant vines.