There are some places that, when I enter, a feeling of joy invades my senses. One is my home and one other, is the Bass Coast Mobile Library Bus.
The array of books to choose from, the people I meet, some known to me previously and some new to my acquaintance. Of course, there is always the friendly, helpful Librarian.
I cannot understand how the West Gippsland Library Corp. (WGLC) would think that a utility room, in a building purposed to other uses, will suffice.
Today, I entered the Library Bus at Corinella and four other adults were already there, plus the Librarian and myself.
In practice, this number of people will not fit in the small room proposed by WGLC to service our requirements.
I had not ordered any books online for today (click & collect). I can and do use this facility but as I so often do, today I chose to browse the collection and see what interesting titles would jump out at me. This option will be a thing of the past with the new WGLC option. No browsing!
For those, and there are many, my husband included, who are not computer literate and do not drive, reading opportunities will be non-existent.
WGLC says that these people can ring and order books! Great, if these people could see a catalogue or index of available titles!
I am able to walk to the bus when it is at Corinella, but I am incredulous at the WGLC’s proposal for the people who live in our neighbouring Coronet Bay.
These people won’t even have a bookshelf in their locale as there is nowhere to house one. For those who don’t drive and those that have disabilities, no way of getting to Corinella.
If, as claimed by WGLC, the Library Bus is underutilised, it is the fault of that organisation for not promoting it.
The Save Our Mobile Library group have started their own campaign to advertise the Library Bus and so many people have said they did not know of its existence previously.
I am waiting with faint heart, to hear if our Westernport Councillors will support the Waterline Communities and retain our Bass Coast Mobile Library Bus.
Anne Caulfield, Corinella.