This offshore wind farm will power up to 1.2 million homes, yet has been stalled by the Federal Energy Minister.
The Minister has failed to sign off on an exploration license allowing even a detailed assessment of the wind resource, according to a recent Senate Estimates hearing.
This ‘Star Of The South’ project seeks to construct 250 wind turbines off Gippsland and will generate up to 20% of Victoria’s energy needs.
It will also input the National Energy market via a ground cable to the Latrobe Valley. The company claims that the project will generate up to 12,000 manufacturing and construction jobs.
It will also help to slash our carbon emissions, but appears to have fallen victim to the Federal Government’s failure to support this worthy project.
The ‘Star Of The South’ has been in the system since 2012. Yet in the time since, no legislation, no regulatory framework, has been put forward and no responsible agency nominated despite offshore wind being an established industry elsewhere.
Burt Blackburne, Kongwak.