INTERNATIONAL demand for Australian Red dairy genetics is growing with new markets opening up in Peru and China.
Genetics Australia CEO Anthony Shelly said demand for Australian Red genetics has continued to grow year on year.
“The past year we have seen new markets open up in Peru and China and when we present the advantages the Australian Red offers there is immediate interest and farmers are keen to try some,” Mr Shelly said.
After two years of establishing a health protocol, the first order to Peru and has just been exported, including Australian Red bulls.
China has recently placed its second order.
“This would be the largest single order we have ever received for Red semen to be exported,” Mr Shelly said.
In the past year, Genetics Australia has also exported Red semen to several other Latin American and Asian countries, the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
“We see repeat sales when heifers begin milking so this is always a good sign,” Mr Shelly said.
“It’s a long time from the time of export to when a heifer commences milking, and for this reason we are very excited about the future sales potential in China,” he added.