“We can keep surviving, but we need the community’s help,” says Korumburra RSL member Perry Neil (left) – pictured with David Jackson. mm031319

KORUMBURRA is at risk of losing its Remembrance and ANZAC Day services, and the RSL hall, unless the community can band together to support the town’s RSL.
The Korumburra RSL celebrates their centenary next year, but volunteers say an influx of new members is desperately needed to ensure both the services and the RSL hall will live on.
“There are so many people out there who are eligible to join, but might not know it,” said Perry Neil of the Korumburra RSL.
“Any relation to a soldier, it can go back to World War I, for Australia or an allied country can join,” the national serviceman said.
“But it also extends to former or serving police officers, ambulance, CFA, etc.”
The RSL has just 26 members. Volunteer David Jackson said many of the older residents who used to be part of the local RSL have moved out of the district.
“There’s such a rich history here,” David said at the RSL hall last week.
“There’s a billiards table out the back, so we’re hopefully looking at setting it up as a weekly event as a social place. But that’s still in the works, and if the interest is there.”
Perry said it’ll only take a few hours a month to help out.
“We need people to help us with the RSL and to keep these decades-old traditions going, such as services and assistance on Appeal Days.
“We also need help in keeping our hall up-to-date,” he said.
“If the Korumburra RSL isn’t around, it’d be sold off by headquarters. But it’s our hall and we want to keep it that way.”
The RSL hall was built in the 1950s, when the local community came together to stump up around 4500 pounds to build it.
David said if it wasn’t for the Leongatha RSL, they would’ve gone down the gurgler a long time ago.
“They’ve been incredibly supportive,” he said.
The Ladies Auxiliary continues to meet at the hall once a month.
“It sounds a bit stereotypical, but it’s a lot about friendship, knitting, etc.,” he said, adding that the building’s also home to Tai Chi classes.
The Korumburra RSL will hold its AGM this Thursday night. They hope to receive membership enquiries before then.
If you want to join, email perrywneil@gmail.com or djfrt@bigpond.com