I along with 200 other residents attended a meeting on January 21 to oppose the location of the proposed skate park.
Since then council has failed to address any of our concerns. Now we are being told by people from outside San Remo that this will be good for us, I assume because it will be like St Kilda, they say.
Well, we are not St Kilda, we are a small fishing village that simply cannot accommodate such a large skate park in a small space.
Can I also note that it is only fair that San Remo residents get a say in this considering $295,000 is coming out of OUR recreation and resorts fund which is supposed to benefit the whole community, not a small number of people who are not even from San Remo.
Also, please note we are not a small-minded vocal minority – please show some respect to our right to have a say.
Mary Simpson, long-time San Remo resident.