With Jim’s Bait and Tackle

AS WE do every year, we reduce our hours at this time of the year and close one day a week, Wednesday.
The shop hours for the next few months will be Monday to Friday open at 9am and closing at 5pm then Saturday and Sunday open at 8am closing Saturdays 5pm and Sundays 4pm.
We are also looking this year at closing both Tuesday and Wednesday through June, July, and August. What we also do through the winter is clear out some stock getting ready for the new stock that will start to show up in the spring.
The specials will be instore, but many will only be available to our Facebook followers so like us then you can take advantage of the bargains.
Unfortunately, the weather couldn’t hang on for another week or so for all the people that took the extra few days after Easter. There was the odd break in the weather during the week and those on holidays sitting around watching the strong wind was ready to go and took advantage.
The reports were mixed but some quality amongst the reports and quality you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see for this time of the year.
Fishing was confined to the bay this week with offshore conditions not very suitable and most of the better boating reports we received came from the late afternoon/evening when the winds dropped down.
With plenty of people still on holidays several land-based reports came in and several species were reported but not too many of each.
Calamari was the most targeted for the land fishermen and every tide change there was plenty of people standing on the jetties trying their luck.
We saw some good catches but most only managed one or two in a session. The size of the calamari changed a lot also and were very mixed with the smaller ones caught early in the day and during the day and only the odd bigger one with the bulk of the bigger ones came from the evenings.
Boating wise it was much the same, but the best of the weather was in the late afternoon or evening, so the reports made sense.
The quality was better as it normally is in the boats, but the numbers reported were similar. There was a real mixture of jigs used with several on the baited spikes, but the best artificial colour was the one that the squid took that day, we lost count of the different jigs and colours that we were told was the best one.
This time of the year many people put their fishing gear in the corner of the shed until the weather improves in the spring then remember that some of it needed fixing.
We had a situation this season over a couple of weeks that 20 reels and a bunch of rods from a dozen people arrived for repairs just before the season. Unfortunately, when they arrive that late it is difficult for us to get them repaired quickly.
While I understand things break and we do repairs all year round, all but two of those that arrived over that couple of weeks had been sitting around broken since before the winter. If you do have reels for servicing or repair or rods for repairs, drop them in now.
The main reason people tell me they don’t drop them in is because they can’t really afford it at the moment which is totally understandable but, for the next three or four months it’s the best time for me to do the repairs while it is quiet and you can then pick them up at the start of the season.
Snapper reports are still coming in and fish up to around 5kg, while a single catch or so reported this time of the year is not too unusual it’s the quantity of them being reported.
We had several reports over the last week of people bagging out. Even the pinkies are very good size and very healthy but don’t think the tiny ones are gone or these are going to stay forever.
There is every chance they will be gone as quickly as they arrived, but the question will be how far they go once they leave the bay.
If it’s like last year when you get the calm days offshore head towards the Powlett in about 25m of water on the rough bottom there and you just might find them.