With Jim’s Bait and Tackle

THIS time last year we were thanking everyone for taking part in our Easter fishing competition and this year, because we haven’t even had Easter yet, it’s a reminder to get your entries in.
We have had some very good numbers of people entering already and don’t forget that you need to enter before 2pm on Good Friday. The competition runs for all four days of Easter, so there’s plenty of time to go fishing, so if you are going to be late or can’t get here until Saturday we can take entries over the phone.
Maybe you just want to donate some money to a good cause which we are more than happy for you to do and don’t forget every entry, fishing or not, catching fish or not, will go into the draw for the ever-growing list of giveaway prizes.
The major draw is a $255 helicopter flight donated by Phillip Island Helicopters, with plenty of other quality prizes, $100 voucher to Silverwater Watermark restaurant, $100 fishing charter from Reel Obsession.
There are other vouchers to the San Remo Co-op, San Remo Hotel, Vietnam Veterans Museum, $116 sheet set donated by Organature, ladies hampers, Easter hampers and plenty more. That’s just the list for luck entry prizes then there is all the category prizes which all adds up to over $4500 worth of giveaways.
This week the reports have been very good for quality but not so consistent for numbers with the two usual frustrating species, whiting, calamari, making up most reports. It’s also holiday time and with plenty of visitors down for the school holidays we get asked one question several times a day; “What’s biting?”.
If only it was a simple question to answer.
This stage of the season the answer could be any species you could think of. It’s that time of the year when nothing is really around in big numbers, but every species seems to be here.
Most people will generally head out to target a species now the weather is cooling down because it’s more of a short session than a full day’s outing.
But when the weather is like it was over the weekend you could easily spend a whole day out fishing on the land or in the boat and the best thing, as I said before, you just don’t know what you might catch.
Some of the better reports this week have actually come from where and when you would expect to catch them which has been a little different than the last few weeks.
The weekend was the best for reports and we saw some quality whiting but most reports were of 6 to 10 and only a couple, for the whole week, of people bagging out.
Common to all the reports of whiting was the condition of the fish with everyone telling us they are in very good condition and even at low 30cm there is big enough fillet for a decent feed.
The reports have come from all the popular areas and the usual times with th
e best depth being that mid water depth with only a handful from the deeper or shallower water.
Even the best times and places were more traditional, below the bridge first thing in the morning then above the bridge in the evenings.
The pinkies are still around especially if you like pinkies that are so small you need to look twice to see if it’s a fish or your bait.
It seems that we have had a few schools of just born, very hungry pinkies swim into the bay.
There is however some quality pinkies around and are being caught all over the bay, many by those chasing whiting or gummies.
We had several reported over the weekend that were around the 40cm mark and while there was only one or maybe two in each bag when you add them to the handful of whiting, a couple of flatheads and a calamari or two for an entrée it made a good days fishing.
Calamari reports were OK, but nothing too special from either boats or land but the water was very dirty this week so might have had something to do with it.
Even when the water is very dirty you will get periods during the tide where it cleans up and that is where the reports came from this week.
Not many bigger ones about at the moment and most are on the smaller side, bigger ones will probably be a few months away yet.
We are also starting to see more calamari from over at Newhaven jetty and some days the reports are better there than San Remo jetty. The best reports from the boats has been from our kayak customers in Cleeland Bight fishing the last of the light.