I wish to express my concern regarding the future of the group of houses at 1-9 King Street, Korumburra.
The site of these houses was to be originally included in the supermarket development which has been temporarily postponed.
I worry that these houses may be demolished as they are becoming increasingly run down and neglected, particularly since a couple of them have had their windows boarded up and fences pulled down, etc.
These five properties are not heritage listed, but they are of historical significance and are of architectural value to the town, all close to one hundred years old, and structurally in good condition.
I understand the importance of this area for any future development, but at the same time I would hope that the architectural integrity of the town was not to be sacrificed at the expense of development, particularly in this older part of town where we have already lost some beautiful old buildings, such as the theatre and the Victoria Hotel.
Perhaps more consideration should be given to the decision making process so that we don’t have any more regrets.
If maintained and restored, these significant houses could be included in future developments e.g. commercial offices or similar small businesses and take pride of place with dignity in our town.
Development is important, particularly in regional areas where the population is growing every year, but so is the history – as it is the history of this town that defines it. I am asking that we consider this before we bulldoze our way through one of our most valuable assets – our history.
Kitty O’Brien, Korumburra.