A bit of handy work between Shem Hawking and Corey Casey during the first term on Saturday. mm091519

Sea Eagles’ Toby Mahoney kicked off his first game with a goal against Garfield. mm081519

THE Sea Eagles soared to a 40-point win against Garfield at the weekend, with new coach Tom McQualter making his presence known in the league.
After failing to make it to the semi-finals last year, IK well and truly kicked off the season – at Garfield – on the right foot.
The new recruits proved their worth, with Sam Gibbons the top goal kicker for the day after slotting three; while Brendan Lezzi, Callum Beattie-Powell and Cam Roughead all collected one goal each.
During the first term, the teams tried to get familiar with their new set-ups as IK led by 10.
It got better in the second term for the Sea Eagles, as they slotted two goals and the equivalent of another in behinds – extending their methods to 26 points.
But it took the Stars a little longer to get comfortable at their home ground. It wasn’t until they had time to recharge and consider their options at halftime that they returned on a mission.
The Stars were determined not to lose the second game of the season, returning to slot three goals yet way too many behinds.
It helped to reduce the margin back to just eight points, with the Sea Eagles weighing up their options coming into the final term.
The win was, for a moment, in the Stars’ sights – but the third term ended up being their most successful one.
Inverloch, after giving the Stars a strong sense of confidence in the third term, tore through them.
It was goal after goal, as IK hit the bullseye on average every few minutes to see them double their opponent’s score with a forty point victory.
It’s pushed them into fifth spot on the ladder.
The Sea Eagles will play Bunyip, at Bunyip, this weekend. Garfield will be up against Phillip Island at the Cowes Recreation Reserve.