Last week l put an online petition onto
It reads: “We, the signatories to this petition, ask the Victorian Minister for Local Government to immediately reinstate the elected Council for South Gippsland Shire.
“We do not want un-elected, appointed Commissioners making decisions for our Shire. Democracy, and keeping our elected Council, is important.
“We expect that any and all specific complaints of bullying, corruption, malfeasance of any form will be properly documented, investigated and acted on.
“If there are weaknesses in skills and operation within Council we ask for your further assistance. But do not sack our Council. It doesn’t help build skills and community involvement, or encourage good people to stand for Council in the future.
Help us build our own future. Reinstate our Council.”

So far 80 others have signed up. We would welcome additional signatures from other South Gippsland Shire residents and ratepayers who feel the same way.
The website address above, or this link here should get you onto the page
If you don’t use the internet, your local library or community house should be able to help you connect. Or you could write your own letter to the Minister.
I hope our Councillors will acknowledge their weaknesses, make useful changes and be assisted to ensure that Council works sensibly, productively and always in the best interests of residents. I don’t want unelected, appointed commissioners.
Susan Davies, Outtrim.