Kitty O’Brien’s letter headed ‘Don’t bulldoze Burra’s history’ (Letters, April 9) rightly asks us to consider Korumburra’s built heritage and how it can be incorporated into our town’s development.
Adjacent to the Korumburra library complex in King Street are three homes of differing styles. The Victorian weatherboard, Edwardian brick duplex, and Californian Bungalow, reflect the development of housing styles in Korumburra’s early history.
A further significant building under threat is the kindergarten in Victoria Street. Built in 1956 after extensive fundraising, this architect-designed building was an important part of the community for half a decade.
The kindergarten’s largely intact modernist style of architecture is rare in our township. As the mid-century modern style becomes increasingly valued, we need to question if we want it to disappear from our streetscape.
Judy Ife, Korumburra.