SPORTS enthusiasts are the big winners in the Bass Coast Shire Council’s draft 2019-20 Budget.
The council’s outlined a plan to spend $2.9m upgrading tennis courts across the shire; plus around $1.6m on netball courts; and $1.523m for a regional skate park – with the cost of most projects being subsided with grants from the State Government.
There’s also $1.5m set aside for the Surf Parade path from Veronica Street to Goroke Street.
The council is also planning on spending money on footpaths and cycleways – $2.008m; plant, fleet and equipment renewal – $1.552m; computers and telecommunications renewal program – $368,000; and roads – $3.359m, amongst other recreation and infrastructure items.
The following is a list of key projects the shire expects to fund.

• Wonthaggi Activity Centre Plan priorities – $500,00.
• Wonthaggi Recreation Reserve multi-use space (synthetic surface) – $270,000 (including $180,000 from the State Government).
• Tennis court upgrade (see ‘Other’).

• PBN Surf Parade Inverloch – Veronica Street to Goroke Street – $1.5m. The cost could come down to around $1m depending on which option is chosen.
• Inverloch netball courts upgrade – $899,000 – including $500,000 from the State Government.
• Tennis court upgrade (see ‘Other’).

Phillip Island
• Phillip Island Community and Learning (PICAL) building upgrade – $700,000.
• Beachcomber YCW Activity Area masterplan, BBQ shelter – $116,000.
• Cowes Activity Centre plan – $100,000.
• New Phillip Island transfer station – $1.8m.

• Major tennis court renewals and upgrades in Wonthaggi, Inverloch and Corinella – $2.9m.
• Dalyston netball courts – $700,000 – carried over from the 2018-19 Budget.
• Bass Coast entry signage – $200,000.
• Bass Coast regional skate park – $1.523m – including $650,000 from a State Government grant.
• Bass field lighting – $44,000.
• Corinella Harold Hughes reserve – $150,000.
• Urban roads renewal projects, including spray seals, pavement renewal, asphalt seals and kerb renewal – $1m.
• Renewal and upgrade of Sheepways Road South – $1.1m.
• Drainage renewal projects – $500,000 – including $215,000 for rain garden and wetland renewal.
• Pioneer Bay roads and drainage upgrade – $87,000 – part of the Special Charge Scheme funded in last the 2018-19 Budget.