DEVELOPING their leasing capabilities, Alisa Jack is settling in to aid Daniel and partner Tamara Leskie in their growth and client relations at @realty.
If you are looking to lease your property but not sure how to do it safely and efficiently then talk to the Bass Coast @realty team, who offer simple technology to enhance communication and decrease stress for all rental parties.
“Alisa is the perfect fit for our business, she brings integrity and the highest level of standards, everything our service is based on,” says Daniel.
“When you engage us, we’ll take care of your investment,” says the successful property manager.
Utilising modern technology takes the stress out of leasing your property and makes it easier for tenants to communicate with the property managers; with @realty always on the front foot of innovation and leading the way in property management.
@realty is recognised as the real estate industry leader in the development programs.
“Given over 90 per cent of tenants are using the internet to find their next home, we make this as efficient and as transparent as possible from finding and screening suitable tenants, to managing the maintenance and much more,” says Tamara.
Individual focussed Tamara and Daniel are passionate about delivering excellence in service standards to their clients in the Bass Coast and surrounding areas by representing their property in the most professional and interactive ways.
“Leasing a property can be a big challenge for home owners, but with the right help it can be rewarding and a great step towards residual income and portfolio growth,” says Tamara.
“Knowing our potential clients, what sort of property they are seeking, where is their preferred location, and appreciating their budget makes sure they are happy and secure when they are accepted to a property,” says Daniel.
With day-to-day life getting busier all the time, the @realty team also connect with their clients through cloud services meaning that most interactions can be carried out anywhere in a near instant fashion.
“We also utilise mobile applications to allow simple and logical relationships between tenants and home owners that ensures transparency to ensure a smooth process for everyone involved,” says Daniel.
The @realty group was recently awarded ‘Agency of the Year’, with Tamara receiving the ‘Agent of the Year’ award from 2018-19; she’s proud to be offering some of the best services available to the Bass Coast region.