The floor plan of Unit 21. It was extended and fully upgraded in 2017 and is now available.

FOLLOWING the movement of a number of residents into Nursing Home accommodation, the Linton Court Retirement Village at Foster now has three, two-bedroom retirement units available for immediate occupation.
The retirement village is run by a community non-for-profit approved charity to provide independent living accommodation suited for older people on a very affordable basis.
It is administered on a totally honorary basis by a board of local community people – so that the interests of the residents are fully aligned with those of the board.
The retirement village is adjacent to permanent bush land owned by DEWLP – and units are well spaced in a great setting.
It is also only 300 metres from the town centre, so residents are easily able to access all community shops and facilities.
Foster is well served by a major medical practice, hospital and aged care facility, as well as most other ancillary medical services.
The retirement village has 22 independent living units and associated carports, with many features built in to make things easier for older people.
All maintenance issues are dealt with by the village, so residents are free to enjoy their retirement, and come and go as they please.
Unit 21 (see floorplan) is a typical unit. It was extended and fully upgraded in 2017, and is one of the units now available.
The financial arrangements offered to residents are very generous, and there is no restriction on the eligibility of persons to apply to be allocated a unit.
The only costs to residents after entry is a very concessional fortnightly rental/maintenance charge, and their phone and electricity or gas.
Anyone interested is invited to make contact with Hon. Manager Lloyd McKenzie on 0439 559 579.
Lloyd is happy to provide further information and show people around and provide an inspection of the units and the total site and amenities.