Another election is looming and so is the next weed season.
In fact that season is now, because noxious weeds, unlike politicians, do not pack their bags and go away on holiday.
Like a vicious army, they stealthily divide, multiply and conquer.
Call me out of touch but I can’t get used to this new breed of politician who no longer works for the people. How did this happen?
Is there any possible way of actually holding the government responsible for carrying out their legal requirements? They are legally responsible for enforcing the control of noxious weeds. End of story. Yet they sit back polishing their seats, dangle on the end of their telephones and toss off “that line” to people like me sitting in a hornet’s nest of weed infested countryside; “We currently have a policy of non-compliance.”
Now I would have thought that non-compliance referred to farmers who refused to control their weeds, farmers breaking the law.
But no, our private schoolboys have given themselves permission to create a new sly non-law to carry off as gospel. It is nothing less than outrageous.
Class action? I’d like the government to start footing my weed control bill and there are plenty of other farmers I know who would like the same thing.
Is there anyone out there wanting my vote who is prepared to shoot straight for the farmers?
Bring it on.
Christine Webb, Mountain View.