So they finally got their man!
After two and a half years of an increasingly vindictive and vicious campaign “the gang of six” councillors decided the time was right to sack the CEO so he could go down with the sinking ship.
They had the window, with the extension on the show cause notice they sought from the Minister and Cr Rich’s vacant seat as yet unfilled.
An urgent agenda item for the last Wednesday’s Council meeting (24/4/19) and the calling of a Special meeting sealed the deal.
Applications for a new caretaker CEO are to be submitted on Monday 29 April, five days after the meeting, to enable a hasty appointment for a 12-month period.
The Councillors have ignored accepted employment practice and exposed ratepayers to potentially damaging compensation claims.
These actions have obviously been taken without professional advice. Too hasty and too tacky for a recruitment agency to handle.
Whatever personal views anyone might have about our CEO, he is a good administrator and has been steadfast in his capacity to ride the difficulties within Council (which led to the Monitor’s appointment) and provide sound leadership and support to staff and Council as the situation imploded.
Common sense would suggest this person should be in a position to continue in a professional role and be available to lead under a period of administration if that comes to pass.
Regardless, he does not deserve the personalised, ruthless and underhanded treatment of his position.
This council has always been about agendas and pursuit of self-interest.
In the state that the South Gippsland Shire Council is in at the moment, are the councillors even qualified to make such a decision? How can we take them seriously?
We believe the council should be dismissed. Let’s stop all this and get on with running the Shire the way the majority of residents and ratepayers would like.
The cost to our community has been great, financially and reputational!
The Mayor and his cohorts, the Progressive Reform Group and the South Gippsland Action group have misrepresented, distorted facts and statistics to achieve their goal.
And now ultimately they have been successful in taking control of council.
This council has lost its moral compass… Who would want to work for such a council…
We deserve better than this!
Mohya and John Davies, Foster.