I expect, like myself, many of you have recently received a letter from our Member for Monash Mr Broadbent in which he tells us how to secure our future.
According to him, we can only do this by creating more jobs, reducing debt, reducing taxes, whilst at the same time spending more on hospitals, schools and roads and by keeping us safe.
Nowhere does he mention taking steps to reduce global warming which alone will define the security of our future.
Having an economic plan will be of little use to us if we no longer have the essential ingredients for human existence.
If you want a good fright dial the “2070 letter” into your search bar and after reading it send it to everyone you know including Mr Broadbent.
This was written in 2002 and very little has been done to address this frightening scenario.
There will be widespread migration in the future due to water and food shortages and the future currency will be water.
My vote will not be for more of the same as suggested by our carrot pulling egg flipping Prime Minister.
Ken Barnes, Inverloch.