A 30 metre long turbine blade, bound for the Toora Wind Farm in South Gippsland is stuck in the centre of Korumburra.

It’s been there since about 8am this morning.

But it’s not the town’s notorious S-bend that has stopped the seriously long load from moving.

According to transport workers from Hi Haul in Bayswater, it’s not the length of the replacement turbine blade that’s causing the trouble but the independent steering on the rear of the long, long trailer that’s faulty.

“No mate, this on’e only a baby. It’s 30 metres long where we’ve transported turbine blades of up to 64 metres, with the trailer extended and still hanging out the back 18 metres. No, this one’s no problem. If the trailer steering was working we’d get around the corner easily.”

But getting the steering fixed and the trailer moving with its super long load is another matter.

“We’ll have to get it fixed. There’s no off-loading this,” said the transport worker.

So they wait until a mechanical crew can be dispatched from Melbourne.

The only bonus is, there won’t be any problem with traffic control. The broken down truck with its huge load is parked right outside theĀ  Korumburra Police Station in Bridge Street.