It was great to see so many local residents in Leongatha last week to meet the candidates for the Climate Election.
Looks like we have a few good options in the seat of Monash in this election and, overwhelmingly, all agreed that we need to act on climate change!
It was disappointing that Russell Broadbent chose to be so arrogant with his flippant comments on the night. The one good thing, however, was his honesty.
Russell told us, a number of times, that he is a member of a team and, as such, that will determine his vote. He told us that he could cross the floor if the issue was big enough so, given that he hasn’t on climate issues, that clearly tells us his views on climate change.
Like his team mates in the ‘COALition’ he just has no desire to provide a vision for future generations, happy to leave them to deal with the climate mess later on!
In his honesty Russell told us that he was a member of the Liberal Party and a vote for him is a vote for the party. He told the gathering that “if you disagree with the Liberals then don’t vote for me”. It’s pretty simple: if you want someone who will represent the people of Monash you need to vote for the Greens, the ALP or the highly impressive independent candidate, Michael Fozard.
We need action on the climate and Russell’s “team” does not have the answers so, as Russell says, don’t vote for him and, for the sake of our children, place the Liberals at the bottom of your ballot.
Glenn Sullivan, Wonthaggi.