I attended the Coronet Bay Ratepayers and Residents Association meeting on Saturday (April 13) and on the agenda was the future proposal for a library/libraries in the Waterline towns to replace the existing Mobile Library Truck.
Cr Geoff Ellis came to speak. Thirty-five residents were in attendance.
It was apparent through questions from the floor, there was no clear plan in place for a replacement service.
It was reiterated by Cr Ellis that the present Mobile Library will remain in place until a new service (to be decided) is in place.
We were asked as attendees to [give] “feedback” [on] what we wanted as a proposal.
I spoke and said I wanted to advocate on behalf of the 29 per cent of ageing population of the Waterline area and the limited public transport for those without any.
I said the population of Wonthaggi equated that of the Waterline towns. I wanted to see a library in Grantville, a smaller one in Corinella and transport in place for those who needed it.
I felt we deserved the same service level as that of Wonthaggi in regard to the library.
I stated that the 6m x 4m proposed room mooted as one possibility in the Corinella Community Centre as a library, open for six hours weekly, is an inadequate replacement.
The sketch and the photographs circulated did not represent it in the reality.
Cr Geoff Ellis announced he will be meeting with members of the hall and committees of Corinella, Coronet Bay and Bass to explore existing buildings in regard to library and micro-libraries in the future.
Building a new library would also be a consideration.
Cr Ellis confirmed the format to receive news about future plans and proposals will be on the West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation website.
I would urge concerned community members to keep pressure on council to deliver a first-class library service to our Waterline communities.
The steps for consultation, as promised by council with the Waterline community, remained unclear at the meeting conclusion much to the visible frustration of those in attendance on Saturday.
The muddiness of the communication processes and consequent inefficient decision making has created unnecessary mistrust and confusion.
It revealed to me a desperate need to invent a clear and transparent format for community consultation and decision making by council.
Linda Nicholls, Coronet Bay.