Re coming election: Just a few questions for the readers.
I wonder how many farmers will be required to buy International Carbon Credits – [it] has not been ruled out.
There has been no mention of the agreement between the Victoria and Chinese Government mentioned previously by Labor, will it appear in the Victorian Budget? Guess not.
Will cars over Bill’s carbon limit be charged a surcharge? Probably will, but not before the election,
but Green voters will probably be exempt.
The CFMEU was supporting Venezuela in a letter produced in Parliament by Julie Bishop – be great to introduce their problems in Australia – their systems will end Utopia in Australia.
Good to see Peter Marshall getting $19,350 a year for Meal Allowances, would feed nearly every family in Victoria, how many politicians and union officials get this? Remembering it is tax-free.
Just remember half of all policies released never see the light of day or are for the next period of government and if there is a change of government they get accused of not funding the policy.
Most Labor complaints of the current government not funding hospital and education was over 10 years and were never included in any Budget papers.
Just a setup.
Bill Shorten called the inquiry into penalty rates with a reply to come in the next government period, if it was Liberal he would be able to accuse the Liberals of introducing lower penalty rates.
Bad luck for those workers that have suffered under Bill’s trap on the Liberals, Bill’s not worried for you – all a fantasy.
Remember the grandfathering of the capital gains taxes and the ability to invest in houses is because the Labor Party’s front bench has so many houses under the present system they must grandfather, would not happen for us, what a hypocritical policy.
Some have 10 houses in their investment portfolio.
Think hard before you cast your vote it may come back to bite you or your family.
Geoff Wyatt, Korumburra.