I was interested to learn from your paper’s Facebook page that the date for the Commission of Inquiry’s Final Report has been extended to 13 June 2019 to allow for public proceedings and submissions.
The latest notice states that, “Members of the public are welcome to make written submissions to the Inquiry which address one or more of the Terms of Reference outlined above”.
The first Term of Reference is, “The final report from the municipal monitor and any responses from the Council or Councillors to the Minister’s letter dated 2 April 2019.”
The Monitor’s Report and Council’s Response are apparently still confidential so I’m at a loss to understand how the public can make submissions relating to them.
The only information the public can glean to date is what the Mayor and Councillors say is not in the report and all that’s done is foster more conjecture and rumours.
Clive Hope, Meeniyan.