Jayden Gaunt is learning how to play the drums thanks to Mat from free3Dhands and Sam at Youki’s Shed. N272219

PHILLIP Island now has a drop-in centre for all ages; a welcoming space in Cowes for those of all abilities to socialise on Thursday and Friday afternoons from 4.30pm.
The volunteers are willingly donating their time to provide a support and social network for all ages of all abilities and everyone is welcome to join.
Sam Haycroft and Youki Innes have opened the doors to Youki’s Shed in the industrial estate in Cowes to teach their passion for music and deliver a space for social equality.
Jayden Gaunt is a Grade 6 student at Newhaven College and was born with cerebral palsy – a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture. There’s no cure.
But Jayden is a strong-minded 12-year-old boy who’s determined to play the drums.
Jayden plays the percussion at school but was unable to play the drums due to his involuntary motions in his right arm.
Nevertheless, Jayden’s dream of playing has come true this year when his mum Michelle contacted Mat Bowtell of free3Dhands.
Mat efficiently created a plastic device that holds the drum stick in Jayden’s right hand, giving him the flexibility to get behind the drum kit and smash out music with his volunteer teacher Sam.
“I contacted Mat and in no time at all he was able to help Jayden,” said Michelle.
“He then introduced us to Sam, who offered to help him learn how to play the drums for only a donation to the shed.”
Michelle described the generosity to change someone’s life as unbelievable. She can now sit and watch her little boy follow his vision of playing an instrument and that to a mother is indescribable.
Youki and Sam sought to provide a space for all to feel involved.
Whether you want to play cards, learn how to make a coffee, create a piece of art or run a skate comp, this environment is open to creative minds and all they ask is a donation to keep the place running.
“The jam at Youki’s Shed every Thursday arvo is going from strength to strength,” said Sam.
“New kids turn up to get amongst it and just jam for the sake of jamming,” he said.
Sam’s vision is to inspire individuals with a disability to come along with their friends and just have fun. If you need a social space to meet new people or socially interact with friends then visit Factory 5/26 The Concourse, Cowes, Phillip Island on Thursday or Friday night from 4.30pm.