Thank you to Elwyn Matthews of Glen Alvie whose opinion was published in the Sentinel-Times on 7th May.
Elwyn provided some sensible views on the dreaded climate change issue.
The hysteria on the subject has almost become laughable.
The climate has been changing for millions of years and will continue to do so.
When global warming didn’t work for the people who “invented” the big scare it became climate change.
Extreme weather, bushfires and just about any other unpopular occurrence is blamed on climate change.
Even the climate change zealots know that any action taken in Australia can make little, if any difference to the temperature of the planet.
However, they want us to lower our standard of living to combat this wicked phenomenon.
Do they think that if they purchase an electric car the weather that occurred at Cape Paterson recently won’t occur again?
There will be a long line of motorists at the RACV in Inverloch waiting to charge their electric vehicles before they set off on a holiday if we all buy one!
The climate change movement reminds me of communism without the grim face.
Perhaps the climate change demonstrators could travel to China to preach their sermons.
They will find plenty of smog but their preaching will soon be stopped by the authorities. That is what happens in communist countries.
Unfortunately, some of these climate change fanatics appear to want Australia to go down that path of banning any opinions that differ from their own.
They don’t know how lucky they are to live in the best country on Earth.
Norm Fraser, Inverloch.