A NEW podcast from not for profit organisation GippsDairy aims to deliver informative discussions, the latest industry news, and compelling personal stories directly to farmers, where and when it suits them.
The first episode of DairyPod went online recently, featuring legendary farm consultant John Mulvany in a discussion of how dairy farmers can use marginal milk as a driver of profit.
It quickly received over 450 downloads and overwhelmingly positive feedback, said GippsDairy’s regional manager Allan Cameron in explaining why the organisation had decided to jump on the podcasting bandwagon.
“Podcasts have been around for quite a while now, and we know, anecdotally, that farmers listen to them, so we thought it could be a great medium to get timely and relevant information directly to them.”
A podcast would be especially useful to those who struggled to get off the farm to attend field days and other educational events, Mr Cameron said.
It would also provide an easily accessible platform to share some of the “hundreds of great stories” living within the Gippsland dairy community.
“It’s a good way for someone who spends hours a day on a tractor or in a shed or driving a ute to get that timely, relevant information. If they can’t get away from the farm, we’ll bring the story to the farm,” Mr Cameron said.
“We’ll have episodes with technical information, with a subject matter expert in conversation with someone from the GippsDairy team, but there’s also scope for telling personal stories that are uplifting and inspiring.
“And for those farmers who might not necessarily pick up and read one of our publications, we hope the conversations on the podcast might pique their interest and encourage them to seek further information.”
GippsDairy has already produced the next two episodes of DairyPod, and, depending on their success, hopes to release future episodes on a fortnightly basis, with free subscription available via the major podcasting apps.
“There are plenty of great characters in the dairy industry, and we’ve got a whole list of potential topics and people we think would make good subjects,” Mr Cameron said.
“We’ve had a great response from people telling us to make more [episodes], and we’re excited about getting some of those stories out there, not just to farmers but to anyone interested in the Gippsland dairy industry.”
To listen to the first episode of DairyPod, follow the links at www.dairyaustralia.com.au or on the GippsDairy Facebook page.