Fish Creek’s Justin Smith with the ball and looking to evade his Stony Creek opponent Hayden Funnell.

FISH Creek travelled to the racecourse to take on Stony Creek on Saturday in near perfect conditions for footy and with the ground in excellent condition the scene was set for what was expected to be a good game.
Although both sides were missing some key players, the match got underway with the Lions kicking to the highway end doing the attacking.
Early misses to Nolan and Marriott before Egerton had the first major, a tough kick from the boundary compliments of the free kick.
As they had done in their round one clash, Stony Creek looked the goods early with the Kangaroos taking their time to adjust to the ferocious Lions.
Fish Creek finally went forward at the 11-minute mark where Manne marked strongly but could not convert, his kick registering the Roos’ first score, one behind.
Minutes later and a Kangaroos’ turnover and Stony Creek’s Logan was streaming forward his long kick finding Egerton again who marked and goaled to extend the margin out to 15 points.
At quarter time it was Stony Creek by 14 points.
As was the case in the opening round, the Kangaroos came out in the second quarter looking like a different side starting to get on top in the middle after being dominated in the opening quarter.
Only one minute into the quarter and Shaw marked strongly and converted his kick to open the Kangaroos’ account.
The ball was being hotly contested and there was some feeling creeping into the game with neither side willing to back down.
The matchup between Macri and Marriot was a beauty with both players fiercely attacking the ball and their opponent.
The long-awaited return to senior football by Weapon Staley for Fish Creek paid off when he marked on a lead and converted his kick to reduce the margin to two points only six minutes into the quarter.
The pressure was telling with both sides making errors and it was a comedy of errors that resulted in Stony Creek’s first goal of the term when Kerr snapped the ball over his head mid-way through the quarter.
Goals to Cooper for Fish Creek before an immediate answer to Sabec for Stony Creek and then another to Fish Creek’s Smith reduced the margin to five points at the main break.
The scene was set for a good last half and neither team were taking the foot off the pedal with both sides cracking in hard at the footy.
Stony Creek with early opportunities but the FCK backline was holding up.
A dangerous tackle by Marriott gave the Kangaroos a free kick and when Smith pounced on the loose ball and run to 35m his shot on goal had the scores even.
Skill errors by hand and foot were frustrating to watch but the pressure on field remained and neither side would let this one go without a fight.
Goal of the day went to Fish Creek’s Cooper when he roved a loose ball at full pace evading a tackler before snapping truly to give his side the lead for the first time of the match midway through the quarter.
Stony Creek answered however with a snapped goal to Brennan and another to Nolan giving the Lions an eight-point lead at the final change.
The final quarter was a beauty with neither side able to get the ascendancy, the loss of Macri for Fish Creek to a leg injury was telling with his grunt work through the game very effective for his side.
Skill errors costly for Fish Creek and the only goal of the quarter went to Stony Creek’s Marriott mid-way through.
Fish Creek had opportunities but they could not capitalise and in the end it was Stony Creek who were able to secure what was a well-deserved and hard fought victory.
Round seven has the Kangaroos at home to the Magpies in what is a must win match for both while the Lions head to Tigerland for the match of the round.