Re: Shire using snail bait in commercial areas.
Mr Steven Missen and his staff in the Parks and Gardens Department of the South Gippsland Shire Council are to be congratulated on the eye catching floral displays they produce within the commercial areas of our Shire.
The floral displays do not appear as if by magic but rather through long-term planning and maintenance.
Steven Mission is correct in saying: “Without the use of snail bait we would not have the annual floral displays.”
During the early period of establishment of seedlings and bulbs, infestations of slugs are known to attack plantings that are close to perennial beds such as ground covers or lawns.
It is only for a comparatively short period that bait is used to control slugs or snails.
Last week it was stated that the use of snail bait in public areas was “irresponsible and beyond ridiculous,” a danger to animals (no doubt dogs) and small children.
The silent majority would believe as I do, that is, dogs should be kept on a leash and small children under the full control of their parents in commercial areas.
It would be a sad day if the use of snail bait over a short period was to cost us the pleasure of seeing the beautiful displays of annual flowerings throughout our Shire that we enjoy so much or maybe I would have to do my shopping in Bass Coast Shire in order to appreciate the floral displays.
Hundreds of little seedlings planted in a bed; stop the use of snail bait and then they are dead.
No vibrant colours to give us cause to smile, not so many daffodils, and tourists who stop a while.
Only a perceived danger that is beyond ridiculous, the use of snail bait has taken place and been practiced by several generations of gardeners in the commercial areas of our towns.
So, keep on keeping Parks and Gardens staff.
Dennis Conn, Whitelaw.