Knights’ Blake Moscript receives the ball amongst Lang Lang defenders.

Leongatha Knights played Lang Lang with only Gabe Brennan absent. This meant that Matt Taylor would be back in his customary attack role alongside Patrick O’Meara. The Knights had started well last week and were looking at doing the same again. Blake Moscript won a free kick in their attacking half the ensuing kick forward by Stuart McNaughton saw the Lang Lang keeper come out to the ball, but he fumbled, and Blake was able to run onto the loose ball and score the first goal. 1-0.
Patrick and Matt were making runs and having shots on goal. Nicholas Bongers’ in defence, cleared a ball forward, he looked to be sending the ball straight into the Lang Lang keeper’s hands. Jack pressured and when the keeper felt the presence he mistimed his run and the ball bounced over his head, Jack was able to run into one of the easiest goals. 2-0.
The defence in Nicholas, John Stephen, Stuart McNaughton and Cam Rothnie were holding all attacks at bay and helping to keep the Knights in attack. Unfortunately, Fergus was subbed off with a hamstring strain. The 2nd half started well for Lang Lang with the team able to place the Knights under continued pressure, but they couldn’t get the ball past Charlie in goal.
Leongatha Knights were the next to score when Sam pressured a Lang Lang defender and was able to win the ball. He was able to cross for Patrick who had made space in the middle and thus found himself with the ball and only the keeper to beat – an easy task at this level. 3-0.
The Knights final goal of the match came, John was given the task of taking a kick and his shot was hit with plenty of accuracy and power, the ball crashed into the top corner of the net in one of the best goals of the match. 4-0.
Lang Lang were able to ruin the Knights Charlie Dougherty’s clean sheet when a long ball forward took a funny bounce and got away from the defender and the Lang Lang player was able to get the ball away from the approaching keeper in Charlie and put the ball into the back of the net. 4-1.
The win sees the Leongatha Knights win their 3rd match and put themselves in a good position on the ladder.

Leongatha Knights travelled for their first away game to Lang Lang.
The Knights started with Tom Murdoch, Vincent Trease, Caleb Gale and Peter Doolan in defence, which allowed Rob Cartledge and Matt Wardle to start on the front line of the attack.
The Knights got the scoring under way when Rob and Matt combined to score the first goal of the match. 1-0.
Lang Lang soon replied when a long throw-in was able to beat the defence and allow Lang Lang’s leading scorer to score the equalising goal. 1-1.
The half-finished with the scores unchanged 1-1 when unfortunately, Morgan Glae dislocated his kneecap.
With Jack Bainbridge and Sam Bainbridge coming on to bolster the side it meant that Jake Thomas, Joel Moore and Emmet Taranto could get some respite.
Additional help in Andrew Shuttleworth allowed the Knights to start attacking and when a free kick to the Leongatha side fell in front of goal it was Jack who stepped up to take it. 2-1.
The game looked like being Leongatha’s, but it was Mark Ancilleri from Lang Lang who received a long throw he was able to beat 2 defenders and get the ball into the back of the net. 2-2.
This was the Leongatha Knights Reserves second draw of the season, keeping the Knights without a loss.