The sensationalising of the reporting of the appointment of Bryan Sword as Acting CEO by council at the Special Emergency Meeting, 8th May 2019, might help sell papers, but please guys, be factual.
I was in the Public Gallery and checked the Minutes after reading our local papers, to make sure I was at the same meeting.
Council are under instruction to continue with ‘business as usual’.
They continued with ‘proper process’ (commenced months ago) concerning the commencement of a new contract with the impending expiration of the current CEO’s (Mr Tamlin) contract, on the 25th June 2019.
Mr Tamlin confirmed he would be seeking a further term and applied for the position.
Even though Mr Tamlin was the only ‘first round’ applicant, he was unsuccessful.
The reason being ‘Council wanted to go in a new direction’ (Is there anyone out here in the ‘real world’ that will take issue with that objective?)
Given Mr Tamlin has been in the role for 10 years – an exceptional length of time for a CEO – this can only be viewed as ‘standard practice’ and nothing to do with his performance – good or bad, depending on your viewpoint.
The timelines available controlled the vetting process of ‘second round’ candidates and forced far from desirable limitations on to council.
Check the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act), Section 94 (1A) and 94 (4A), and you will find Council followed the letter of the law, insofar as humanly possible.
Cr Argento certainly saw it this way and in this case, I happen to agree with him.
The reporting erred in a critical area.
The temporary appointment is for “…ending no later than 24th June 2020”.
That has a completely different connotation to the one-year term reported.
If an Administrator is appointed, the temporary CEO position can be overturned.
If democracy prevails and Council is not interfered with, the normal replacement process can be resumed, when advantageous.
Abandon the Tim Tamlin ‘band-wagon’ – he’s accepted employment elsewhere.
Give Bryan Sword ‘clean air’ and the fair go he’s entitled to!
John McCombe, Leongatha.