It has taken way too long but I now have a renewed sense of optimism about the future of the Shire of South Gippsland with the announcement of a Commission of Inquiry into the governance practices of the existing Council.
Over the past 12 months we have been witness to a train wreck in governance. Some councillors with their short-sighted and very personal agendas have gained traction at the expense of all those with integrity and proven credibility.
We have seen resignations from decent, hard-working and experienced councillors and have witnessed the demise of respect for others, a lack of transparency, personal crusades and an arrogance that has defied belief.
Ten years ago, under the leadership of Tim Tamlin, South Gippsland Shire Council went from a “cot case” to an organisation that was known for its innovation and leading-edge approach, and it attracted highly qualified staff. Unfortunately, much of those hard yards have unraveled, not through poor administration, but through poor governance.
Councillor Aaron Brown is to be commended for having a sense of good governance particularly over the CEO appointment. The process could not have played out worse for the reputation of the Council.
The sooner the inquiry is completed the better. Unlike Councillor Hill, I don’t expect the Councillors to be exonerated and I look forward to a fresh start where good governance can once again prevail and where the reputation of the organisation can be rebuilt.
The Minister must act quickly and decisively and remove the current councillors, along with the delusional mayor and his blind followers, as soon as possible.
Mark Holmes, Korumburra.