Travis Hams of Fish Creek had a busy day at last week’s store sale, loading up his truck with cattle to make a 12-hour return trip to a feedlot in northern Victoria. kg162219

Father and daughter Darren Thompson of Foster and Jade Thompson of Mount Eccles bought six Red Angus steers for their small acreage at last Thursday’s store sale. Darren said prices were “fair”. kg152219

Jaimee Giliam of Meeniyan attended last week’s store sale with her sons Lachlan and Heath and her mother-in-law Annie. Jaimee and Annie sold 170 Red Angus, Angus cross, and Friesian steers. It was the dairy farmers’ first time at a store sale- their husbands were “too busy building a new dairy” to attend as they normally would. kg122219

Neil Chandler of Hedley and Brian Cantwell of Stony Creek observed there was a big variation in the quality of cattle and “not big numbers buying” at last week’s store sale. kg142219

By the SGSAA

ANOTHER large yarding of 4200 store cattle came forward at last week’s Leongatha store sale.
The yarding consisted another good large offering of heavy cattle suitable for the feedlots down to very light poor condition types.
Feedlot operators and backgrounders dominated the sale and possibly purchased 50 per cent or more of the yarding with the locals bidding strongly on the well-bred weaners with prices being similar to previous sales.
The secondary types/plainer and dairy cross cattle were harder to sell and sold at cheaper rates.
Leongatha Store Sale on Thursday, May 23, 2019
W Goddard, 24 Ang, 2.5yo 568kg 2.881640
W Goddard, 26 Ang, 2.5yo 479kg 2.981430
W Goddard, 11 Charo, 2.5yo 504kg 2.771400
W Goddard, 20 Hfd, 2.5yo 460kg 2.731260
D Jerram 20 Ang, 20 mth 532kg 3.151680
I Peterson 23 Ang 2 yo 527kg 2.991576
I Peterson 41 Hfd 2 yo 522kg 2.781452
J Manicaro, 12 Bb, 20mths 482kg 3.191540
Bj Henwood, 23 Ang, 20mths 479kg 3.001440
Bj Henwood, 25 Ang, 20mths 453kg 3.201450
M Wight, 12 Hfd, 16mths 462kg 3.111440
Heriscapes, 7 AA & BB 462kg 3.111440
T & J Waters 20 Ang, 20mth 450kg 3.201440
T & J Waters, 21 AA & BB, 18mths 421kg 3.231360
O’Loughlin Past, 17 Ang, 20mths 444kg 3.151400
D Jelbart, 24 AA & BB, 16mths 425kg 2.981270
D Jelbart, 23 AA & BB, 16mths 405kg 2.961200
R Crooke, 13 AA & BB, 18mths 419kg 3.191340
Kookaburra Farms,
25 AA & BB, 16mths 412kg 3.001240
M & M Lawless, 18 Ang, 12mths 413kg 3.341380
M & M Lawless, 17 Ang, 12mths 374kg 3.421280
Bj O’loughlin, 11 Ang, 12mths 327kg 3.02990
Mm Lee, 15 Ang, 12mths 325kg 3.201040
D Mcleod, 21 Ang, 12mths 322kg 2.95950
M Hourigan, 14 Ang,12mths900
J&S Giliam, 34 Montbeliard,
12-12mths 331kg 2.23740
J & S Giliam, 29 Montbeliard,
10-12 mths 295kg 2,06610
R&Y Brown, 10 Friesian, 20mths 505kg 2.131080

D&D Shandley 20 Ang 386kg 2.691040
D Jelbart 19 Ang 386kg 2.691040
G &M Ingram, 14 Ang1080
N & B Wynne, 7 Ang850
Warrambine, 15 Ang 378kg 2.771050
Warrambine, 11 Ang 334kg 2.61875
A & C Ball, 13 Char 372kg 2.681000
Wombat Hill Est , 24 Ang 368kg 2.70995
G & G Thompson, 8 Char 341kg 2.66910
M Wight, 11 Hfd 375kg 2.53950
D & K Clark, 5 Cahr 357kg 2.60930
B Hinson, 8 Char 343kg 2.62900
R & C Donat, 16 Ang 326kg 2.60850
D Mcleod, 19 AA & BV750

Cow & Calves
Kane Harris , 3X3 Ang 1475
R Joseph, 3X3 Hfd1290
C & R Hayes, 7X7 Mg930