Maybe you needed a gift for a loved one, maybe you needed something to sell for cash, maybe you just needed the thrill of the theft, maybe you need to think of the heartache you cause the person you steal from.
So, to the thief who stole a statue from my front entrance, given to me by a dear friend, you sure picked a sad day to do that, as it was the first anniversary of that dear friend’s passing.
It is not the money value of that item you decided you had the right to take, but the sentimental loss that can never be replaced.
Even a thief has grandparents, parents, siblings. I hope your family never have to face the sorrow you have caused this week in my family home.
This theft has been reported to the police. I urge residents of Wonthaggi, be vigilant, there have been a number of these thefts over the last few months in our town.
Name supplied, Wonthaggi.