Nyora ruckman Tom Mayo towers over his Nilma Darnum opponent at the weekend.

BETTER late than never, Nilma Darnum launched a second half attack to fall 26 points short of a first half flogging from the Nyora Saints.
Although they weren’t quite the game, a combination of missed shots on goal and a second half ‘siesta’ let Nilma Darnum have a warm up of their forward attack.
Starting with form, Nyora were looking like their best as they led the first half break by almost ten goals.
The Saints were running and carrying the ball with unselfish disposal.
After the weather set in from the latter half of the third and into the final, it seemed to suit the Bombers as they dropped in a seven-goal to one second half.
Nyora recruit Tyler Gard was welcomed to the field as he graced the senior field for his first time.
The 6’3” big fella recently moved to the area and was approached whilst watching his partner training at netball.
Turns out he hadn’t played since Under 19s but was interested in the idea of returning to the field.
Playing two games in the Reserves, he made his senior debut and kicked a goal.
In a second half that was slightly over-represented by the Bombers’ scoreboard, the visiting side was convincing in the forward line and made Nyora pay for their mistakes.
Nyora’s Ben Schultz finished with three goals six points in a strong offensive, yet slightly miss-firing forward attack.
The Saint’s young Lachlan Fievez stood tall as he took on the ruckman responsibility all-day.
Nilma’s Mark Engley was impressive in the forward kicking three goals.