Despite being the only applicant for the role of Acting CEO from 25 June, 2019, the current CEO, Mr Tamlin, was not appointed to that role.
In his Message [on] 5 May, 2019, Mayor Cr Don Hill stated “that the Shire needs a different direction going forward and that we would be best served by employing a new CEO to begin that journey”.
I am left wondering:
1. What is the direction the Council now intends to take?
2. How does such direction fit into the Council Plan?
3. What improvements or benefits for the community does our Council foresee arising from the adoption of this new direction?
4. Why has the Council left the community in the dark about this new/different direction?
Prior to the last Council election in 2016 I received newsletters from Cr McEwen and Cr Hill.
Both newsletters contain the following: “We need to be more transparent and accountable. Stop the secrecy and behind closed door decision making.”
As for transparency and accountability we are yet to be told the direction this Council is to take despite such direction affecting enormously important decisions made regarding the CEO’s appointment.
As for stopping behind closed door decision making it is interesting to note that since Cr Hill became Mayor on 21 November, 2018, there have been three Special Meetings and five Ordinary Meetings all of which have contained Closed Sessions for various reasons.
It may well be that there are good reasons for those Closed Sessions, but that pre-election catchcry sounds hollow to me.
Clive Hope, Meeniyan.