Lang Lang Rifle Club’s Colin Firth took part in the Shoot 4 Autism event. mm152119

Some competitors used the Tom Lewis Bench (1949 – 2016) at the rifle range. mm132119

John Eland of the Grantville Rifle Club and Dean Moore of the Lang Lang Rifle Club. mm142119

THE Grantville Rifle Club held the 6th annual Shoot 4 Autism event at the weekend.
The well-attended two-day competition is a fantastic fundraiser for Southern Autistic School – which provides specialist educational opportunities for students on the autism spectrum.
Although results and figures are still being gathered (more in next week’s Sentinel-Times), it’s expected the event raised thousands of dollars with around 70 competitors from the local area, as well as across Victoria, and interstate.
Some who attended are even state champions.
The competition has come along since it started, with the amount of money raised and number of competitors growing year-on-year.
The rifle club is also incredibly grateful their buildings survived the recent Grantville bushfire, thanks to heroic fire fighters.
The bushfire came within one metre of buildings.
“It would’ve been absolutely devastating if we lost the range,” said one of the Shoot 4 Autism organisers, Brad Steer.
The rifle range has been around since the 1880s.
But it wasn’t until around the 1990s that the facilities were re-built and shooting became a regular event.
On Saturday and Sunday, competitors came from across Australia to take part in the fundraiser.
Among those who competed was Kevin Armstrong.
He’s in his early 90s, but still loves to go to the range.
Kevin proudly wears a 50-year Victoria Rifle Association badge on his hat.
But he’s actually been involved for 60 years.
“I just love it,” he said on Saturday, yelling through his earmuffs.
It’s a feeling echoed across all competitors.
They love participating and all the money raised goes towards a great cause.