Senior women’s Marion Bals on ball against Prom Coast.

Under 12s Jake Marotta going in full swing on ball.

Under 8s Hayden Purton in battle against Prom Coast.

WONTHAGGI welcomed our visitors from Prom Coast to the Reserve for the Under 6s.
Unfortunately, they were without an under 6s team, but coach Laura coordinated a brilliant game between our players.
Focusing on control and passing the players worked hard and gained some valuable game practice.
Rhylee demonstrated great passing skills scoring him the Maccas Player of the Day Award.

Under 8s
The under 8s looked strong as they took to the field, Gaby was trying to create structure among the team.
Hayden was on fire scoring a plethora of goals, whilst the rest of the team worked hard passing forward controlling most of the play.
The team’s youngest player Will was awesome, chasing the ball and out running his much bigger opponents earning him the Maccas Player of the Day.

Under 12s
Following on from a terrific training night during the week, the under 12s took to the field in different positions.
There was nice balance to the team and everyone excelled collectively within.
The first half Wonthaggi dominated scoring on lots of occasions.
We had a focal point of the build-up play to maintain possession and work an opening for a chance on goal.
This continued throughout the second half.
Players rotated, and everyone played for each other. This enabled our team to have 10 different players get on the score sheet. A real team effort.
The goals kept coming at a regular rate and we ran out comfortable winners on the day.
Well done to Prom Coast who never gave up and were rightly rewarded with a fantastic goal second half.

Some great play in the first half with Alyse scoring within the first 20 seconds. The goals continued to pour down with some great defence from Jayme in goals.
Strong defensive support from powerhouses Una, Alanna and Marion.
Goals In the first half to Alycia, and Sarah, team cohesion and good skills by Gabby seeking a strong midfield.
Second half prom coast came back and had some good plays with some young players making great plays.
Second half continued with Olivia H and Meg scoring their first for the game.
Alyse was again brilliant with our coach Olivia M controlling the ball and the play and the team with finesse.
Great to have a full team of 15 at the game with only Ailsa out currently with an injury the Wolvettes look very strong this season.