Mirboo farmers Coral and Rodney Donat were pleased with prices at last week’s store sale, where they sold 24 angus steers “to a good home” with a Mirboo North restocker. kg082019

Looking to buy at last week’s VLE Leongatha store sale was Brian Vuillermin of Yanakie, with his “advisor,” Dave Christie of Fish Creek. kg092019

Checking out the action at last week’s large store sale were Meeniyan beef farmer Gary Anthony and Dumbalk dairy farmer Genevieve Butas. kg052019

Bena beef farmers Gary and Kelly Dorling, with their granddaughter Ebony, were looking to buy heifers at last week’s store sale, where they observed prices were “a bit dearer” due to recent rain. kg072019

THERE were approximately 1800 export and 270 young cattle penned at the Leongatha VLE saleyards at Koonwarra last week, representing an increase of 760 head week-on-week.
The usual buying group was present and operating in a mixed market.
Quality was mixed with many lots lacking finish and cows making up over half of the sale.
Young cattle suited to the trade sold firm while feeder heifers improved in price for a better quality selection.
Grown steers and bullocks improved 4c to 7c/kg. Heavy weight grown heifers showing good finish lifted 8c/kg.
Heavy Friesian manufacturing steers gained 7c while the crossbred portion rose 14c/kg.
The lightest dairy cows slipped 20c with the heavy dried off dairy cows coming off 14c/kg while the balance of the cows sold firm.
Better shaped heavy bulls sold generally firm while the dairy lots lost 14c/kg.
Vealers sold from 240c to 305c after a top of 330c/kg.
Yearling trade steers made between 283c and 300c/kg.
Yearling heifers to the trade sold between 260c and 302c/kg.
Grown steers made from 284c to 312c/kg. Bullocks sold from 280c to 323c/kg. Heavy grown heifers made between 233c and 272c/kg.
Heavy Friesian manufacturing steers sold between 210c and 258c with the crossbred portion between 254c and 307c/kg.
Most light and medium weight cows made from 130c to 205c/kg. Heavy weight cows sold mostly from 166c to 240c/kg.
Better shaped heavy bulls made between 205c and 250c with the dairy lots between 179c and 195c/kg.