With Jim’s Bait and Tackle

AGAIN, the weather pattern suited those who are very busy during the week and only able to fish on the weekends.
Apart from the fog on Sunday, which seemed to be very local to San Remo/Newhaven the winds were down all weekend and the bay glassy calm at times.
Offshore was a little different despite the lack of wind and Saturday was a very confused sea, not big just very sloppy with Sunday much cleaner, although still a bit of swell still.
The best part about it for those who added a layer of clothing and headed out fishing was they found some quality fish and made the trip worth the effort.
If you like eating seafood and looking for a great night out I have an update about the seafood dinner that will be held on the Friday night before the San Remo Fishing Festival.
The dinner will be a five-course meal with two included drinks and entertainment all included in the ticket price.
It will be a celebration of what is available locally in Bass Strait with many different species to try. Tickets will go on sale in about a week’s time and I will post it on our Facebook page or keep an eye on the festival Facebook page or web site to see how you can purchase them.
From the enquires already they will sell out fast so keep an eye on social media or give us a call, call in and see us at the shop.
Another part of the festival that is open now is the deckie race. Last year it was a demonstration but this year it has been opened up to the public, it has a sponsor with Seafood Industries Victoria coming on board with a prize pool of $1000.
There are two sections, adults and Junior (15-17) and the team entry is only $20 for adults and $15 for Juniors.
There are limited entries available and several have come in already so if it’s something that would interest you call into the shop or jump on the San Remo Fishing Festival web site for entry details.
We are past the shortest day and can only be up from here, sounds good but as we all know it will be at least a month or so before we see much of an improvement in the daylight hours then it will happen quickly and before we know it summer.
Until them it’s put up with the fewer daylight hours and fish the tides. The calamari this week, except the weekend were all reported from the change of the low tide as it coincided with the change of light during the week.
The weekend reports were a little more from during the day which had more to do with the times people can fish. The reports during the week came from mostly land based, jetties and beaches.
It was mixed with reports between artificial and baited jigs although the baited jigs from the beaches were getting attacked a bit by the couta and other pickers around at the moment. The boats were worse with couta attacking every baited jig you threw in so artificial ones were the go.
There were many different places that were productive, land and boating but with all of them not too many worried the bag limits and the calamari were very mixed in size.
Those in the boats using a bit of berley seemed to be a little more successful but the berley did attract all those fish you don’t want to catch so if you don’t mind de-hooking, wrasse, leatherjackets, couta and draughtboard sharks it will help with the calamari.
Whiting are still around in reasonable numbers and you can get a good couple of feeds with a little bit of work.
The reports are mostly coming from above the bridge in Dickies bay area and as far over as Leolia shoal.
The difference this week has been if you find them you will manage to get into double figures, providing the leather jackets don’t find you first.
A couple of bigger ones also this week with whiting into the 40cm reported but most were still in the mid-30s.
When the leather jackets do show up its worth changing your gear for a bit, they will scare the whiting away so you may as well catch a few of the leather jackets and take them home for a feed.
No tricks to catching the whiting this week, they were either where you were or not and you just needed to look around until you found them.
Baits, rigs, areas and times of the tide were all as you would expect or would normally fish for them you just needed plenty of luck on your side.