With Jim’s Bait and Tackle

OFFICIALLY, the start of winter was on Saturday but the weather over the last couple of weeks has given us a taste of what’s to come in the next couple of months.
It’s windy, cold and the days are getting shorter are comments, or should I say complaints, we have heard a lot lately and without giving anything away this happens every year at this time.
Rather than looking at the negative side let’s look towards the positive and the shortest day of the year is around 20 days away and generally when we get a start to winter like we have had the late winter into spring is very good.
Also because we are starting our orders for the new seasons stock we need to make room and clear out older or superseded stock at bargain prices.
We do this in-store or through our Facebook page and it changes over the next couple of months as we sort out our orders for new stock.
The sale isn’t on all our stock, that sale is in September but on selected items, like us on Facebook to get updates or drop into the shop, especially over the long weekend.
It is now winter, so we have gone to our full winter hours at the shop and closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and reduced hours when we are open.
For the last few months Bluebait has been in short supply and at this stage no sign of them coming back soon, this could however change quickly as is the nature of this species and how they are caught.
For all those who have been asking about salted pilchards for the surf I have several kilos of pilchards salting down and we will be bagging them up this week, so they will be available from the weekend.
The public holiday Monday is the last for three months or so and as I write this report, Sunday the weather forecast looks not too bad and well worth getting out for a fish, if it stays that way.
If you are heading out over the weekend, land or boats my best suggestion is to fish the tides and target a species prepared not to catch anything.
There will be plenty of whiting and calamari around and if the conditions allow head offshore for the best chance of a quality gummy and a snapper or two. In the boats have a rod ready with a lure on it because this time of the year anywhere you travel there is a chance you will come across a school of salmon or couta, both good bait for a day’s fishing or if you know how to cook them not too bad for the table.
This week it wasn’t until the weekend before we saw many fishing because of the very wintery weather.
There were a few during the week fishing from the land for calamari and once you could escape the weed and keep the jig clean you found some quality ones.
There has been a bit of a shift in calamari and the normal best jetty, San Remo is being overtaken by the jetty at Newhaven.
We are still seeing calamari caught at San Remo, but we are being told that when there is a lot of weed around that Newhaven is fishing better. From the reports we are also seeing that most of the calamari are being caught in that two-hour period over a tide change.
We are now seeing customers head to the Powlett and Bass rivers, getting away from the wind and cold.
Despite there being quite a bit of water coming down out of the hills with the rain there are some fish showing up.
The Powlett is producing a few bream around the structure down the river and if you travel up river a bit a few perch are hiding along the edges. The bass has produced a bit of a mixture and while not much to take home a promising sign.
There have been a couple of small rays, probably banjos from the descriptions and in between small flathead, a couple of pinkies, mullet and one whiting that we had reported.