The report on the meeting with the Commission of Inquiry illustrates the need for a new direction for the Council administration.
That report indicated a major developer – Joe Rossi – had walked away from trying to invest in South Gippsland Shire (SGS).
At the Action Group meeting earlier in the year to launch the Growth for Reduced Rates, the real estate representatives also offered a similar tale of woe for people wanting to shift to this Shire.
We have a situation where a Shire roads work grew used to undertake sealing work.
Council now do that work via contract but we still have all that road crew employed – we effectively pay twice for the road sealing.
Council undertook the construction of Hudson Rd at Korumburra Sth in 2017-2018 and constructed several culverts which were too narrow to satisfy design standards. The result was they came back in 2019 and spent another $50k in rectifying the previous sub-standard works.
We have had a shift of the HACC’s scheme to other operators but the administration has not been open and transparent on how many staff changes eventuated at the Shire Office.
There are countless areas for the new CEO and this new Council to change direction. This change is way overdue.
The previous CEO Tamlin administration was not looking after the Shire – it was looking after CEO Tamlin. This was a CEO earning more than the Premier of Victoria.
After 10 years CEO Tamlin was past his use by date and Councillors such as Brunt, Fawcett and Brown who were avowed supporters were not doing this Shire any favours by continuing that support. The demolition of buildings in Korumburra and pushed through by Cr Brunt and Cr Brown did us no favours. That decision has probably cost the Shire $100K in lost rent opportunities and a loss of assets.
The lost assets have instead cost us thousands of dollars to demolish and clean up. Let’s hope this new Council and new direction can bring some improvement.
Lindsay Love, South Gippsland Action Group.