I have noticed of late the tendency for some people to immediately attribute the cause of many naturally occurring events to so-called “climate change”.
The latest I am referring to are comments by Bass Coast Shire Councillor Pamela Rothfield, Bass Coast Climate Action Network, the Gippsland branch of the Extinction Rebellion Network and Jessica Harrison – re the recent damage to Wonthaggi Life Saving Club buildings.
Historical photographic records exist going back to 1946 showing remarkably similar flood damage to buildings and dunes after heavy precipitation (i.e. rainfall, hailstones etc) at that spot.
The problem is basically due to the location of the buildings on a natural watercourse and the fact that drainage pipes and lines laid down in the past to deal with the problem have not been maintained and have silted up.
In her comments, Ms Harrison also included the coastal erosion occurring at Inverloch.
Any teacher or student of Coastal Physical Geography (a common subject in high schools in times long past) can tell you that coastlines are forever changing.
Changes to features made of sand being immediately far more obvious.
There is a constant process of erosion and deposition (or cut and fill) going on due to the combined and quite variable action of waves, tides, currents, precipitation and wind.
These changes are far more noticeable and of some concern in this day and age of course, due to the construction of buildings on these coastal features.
Please people, with such occurrences, let logic and reason with due reference to facts and historical evidence prevail; not speculative, often emotive assumptions which serve as grist for the mill for those who have one to grind.
Jill Miles, Wonthaggi.