A COMMUNITY campaign to help rebuild the Wonthaggi Life Saving Club is going ahead in leaps and bounds, with businesses throwing their support behind the cause.
Last week, club life members Beth Banks and Joan Scott were out visiting Wonthaggi businesses to see if they’d put a donation tin in their shop.
“Not one person has said no,” said Beth as she was about to approach another shop in McBride Avenue.
“There’s a committee that’s going to government bodies and the alike to get funds, but the Wonthaggi business community has been unbelievably supportive.
“Not one person has refused – they’ve all taken the tins.
“We are asking the people of Wonthaggi to put their change into these because between big donations and little donations, they all add up and count for a lot.”
Both Beth and Joan are life members of the club.
“The Wonthaggi public have for more than 80 years supported the Wonthaggi Life Saving Club so we’re asking them support the club again,” said Beth.
Beth and Joan were only little kids when they lined up, like many others, to form an assembly line to pass stones down to the club to create the walls behind the hall and the retaining walls.
And, of course, there was the time when explosives from the mines were used to create rock pools.
You couldn’t do that now!
“That rock pool is of enormous value for kids learning to swim.
“We need this life saving facility out there because it’s the main beach for young people in this area.
“There’s school programs there – it’s for the safety of our kids.”
Joan, whose son Mark is the club president, said the rock pools are well-known in many parts of Australia.
“People come into the coffee shop at the club and they say they’ve seen the pool in photos in places like Queensland,” she said.
“I even had someone from Perth come down at Christmas time asking: ‘Where is this rock pool?’
“We’d hate to see the club disappear – it’s devastating what happened,” she said of the recent storm event which caused structural issues for the club buildings.
“We need to get it up and running.”
The two will be visiting more businesses in the coming days.