Saturday Men’s day sponsored by the Phillip Island RSL winners, from left, Craig O’Neill, David Taylor and club chairman Mark Jamieson.

Friday Ladies day sponsored by Cowes Priceline winners, from left, Alice Schofield, Kelly Kossena (seated) Priceline sponsor, Jan Daff, Deb Orr, Sue Brown (seated) Jeanette Diss, and Anne Dunk.

THE Phillip Island Golf Club Annual 70th June Tournament was held over five days from Thursday June 6, through to Monday June 10, with 385 players competing from many clubs from around Victoria with many players having repeatedly attended the event for many years.
The players for the five days enjoyed ideal sunny condition until the Monday when a morning shower passed over.
A special thank you has to go to our Course Superintendent Dan Walker and his dedicated staff for presenting the course in such magnificent condition.
Once again, the Phillip Island Golf Club is extremely fortunate to have the Cowes Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank as the major sponsor. This is the 16th year they have been our major sponsor and the ongoing support we receive from them is superb. In addition, this year we were sponsored by Bowens Hardware Cowes, Priceline Pharmacy Cowes, Phillip Island RSL and Marcus Liberman Club Professional.
The Golf club thanks these sponsors for their support: Bowens Hardware, IGA Cowes, The North Pier, Monday Course Volunteers, Aldi Cowes, Palms Restaurant, Thai Masseur Thiya Joithut, Vietnam Veterans Museum, Isola Di Capri, Emma Taylor, Phillip Island RSL, PIGC Ladies Committee, Island Virgin Olive Oil, and Golf Trainee Matt Thompson.
This year’s tournament was a huge success with enormous contribution from our men’s Captain Phil Ellard and Rob Davison, Lady Captain Cathy Jones and Cheryl White along with the Ladies committee and the numerous club volunteers that have provided their time in organising and assisting over the weekend, in addition the Pro Shop and bar staff worked tirelessly in ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

Thursday 18 holes Men’s 4BBB Stableford Shotgun Start – sponsored by Bowens Hardware Cowes.
Winners: Terry McGregor and Ricardo Meder 48 points. Runners up: Matt Brown and Sean Ambler 46 points. Third: Gary Birch and Shane Palmer 45 points c/b. Fourth: Rob Sparkman and John Hammon 45 points.
9 Holes Out: John Savas and Phil Foster 23 points. 9 Holes In: Geoff Daff and Bruce Sherwood 23 points. NTPs: 5th – Ron Magill, 7th – Bruce Sherwood, 10th – Chris Reynolds 17th, and Bruce Sherwood.

Friday Ladies Day Stoke
May Webster Perpetual Trophy – sponsored by Priceline Pharmacy Cowes. Ladies 18 Holes Scratch May Webster Perpetual Trophy: Debra Orr 85 gross
18 Holes Handicap A Grade winner: Jeanette Diss 75 nett. 18 Holes B Grade winner: Sue Brown 35 points; r/up: Alice Schofield 32 points.
18 Holes C Grade winner: Jan Daff 34 points; r/up: Anne Dunk 31 points. NTPs: 5th Jan Turner, 7th Sue Le Clerc, 10th Judy Magill, and 17th Debra Orr.

Saturday Men’s 18 Holes Stroke
Sponsored by Phillip Island RSL. Men’s 18 Hole Scratch Open Winner – Mark Boulton 68 Gross.
Men’s 18 Hole A Grade Handicap Winner: Isaac Batty 69 nett; r/up Craig O’Neill 71 nett c/b.
Men’s 18 Hole Scratch B Grade Winner: Fred Panozzo 86 Gross 67 nett. Men’s 18 Hole B Grade Handicap Winner: Trevor Hamilton 71 nett; r/up David Taylor 72 nett c/b.
Men’s 18 Hole C Grade Stableford Winner: Chris Keeshan 39 Points; r/up Howard Jones 37 points. Men’s 18 Hole C Grade Stableford Third: John Rob Brown 37 points c/b.
NTPs: 5th Mark Harinsgma, 7th Craig O’Neill, 10th Mark Boulton, and 17th Phil Foster.
Nine Hole competition winner was David Gladman with 21 points.

Sunday Mixed American Foursomes
Sponsored by Marcus Liberman Club Professional. 18 Holes Gross Winners: Matt Thompson and Jeanette Diss H/c (7.5) with 71.5 nett.
18 Holes Gross Winners: Tim Schramm and Rebecca Thomas H/c (3.0) 75 gross; r/up Craig O’Neill and Rhonda Boyd H/c (19.75) 74.75 nett.
18 Holes Third: Ron Davies and Megan Havers H/c (17 5/8) 74 3/8 nett; and fourth; Russell and Cheryl White H/c (15 3/8) 74 5/8 nett.
NTPs: men, 5th Paul Cochrane, 7th Mike Whelan,10th Ray Jansson 17th Matt Thompson; and ladies, 5th Megan Havers, 7th Lesley Meadowcroft, 10th Bec Thomas, and 17th Megan Havers.

Single 4BBB Stableford
Men’s winners: Mark Jamieson and Mark Hill 44 points c/b; r/up Adam Wagner and Mark Atley 44 points c/b.
Third: Brent Leheny and John Leheny 43 points c/b.
9 Holes Out: Ron Young and Glen Marshall 23 points. 9 Holes In: Chris Sanderson and Mark Haringsma 22 points.
Ladies winners: Dianne Gray and Rosemary Bailey 41 Points c/b; r/up Megan Havers and Marlene Gibson 41 points. Third: Janice Daff and Debra Orr 40 points.
9 Holes Out: Alice Schofield and Sue Brown 20 points. 9 Holes In: Judy Henry and Lynore Mercer 22 points.
NTPs: men, 5th Greg O’Callaghan, 7th Mark Hill (hole in one!), 10th Adam Wagner, 17th Matt Thompson; ladies, 5th Dawn Andrews, 7th Elly Berryman, 10th Jeanette Diss, and 17th Pat Rose.