THERE’S plenty going on at the Phillip Island Nature Parks, with the new Penguin Parade Visitor Centre opening soon, amongst other major projects.
The new centre is expected to be delivered well ahead of the scheduled completion date of November 2019.
The Penguin Parade will operate from the new centre for the first time on Thursday, July 25, following some opening formalities in the preceding week.
The community will be welcomed to visit the new centre at an Open Day Festival event, scheduled to take place shortly after opening, with final dates to be advised soon.
The board, at a meeting on Thursday, May 30, also received an update from the CEO of Visit Victoria, Mr Peter Bingeman, who highlighted the importance of domestic visitation to regional tourism destinations such as Phillip Island.
While Phillip Island enjoys close proximity to the city and certainly attracts international visitors, the board acknowledged the need for the Nature Parks to continue its activities to attract domestic visitors.
Mr Bingeman also updated the board on Visit Victoria’s plan to place emphasis on its digital strategies and activities into the future.
Plus, the board undertook an organisational risk review as one of its regular key responsibilities, focussing this month on risks related to the impacts of human interaction, pest animals and pest plants on wildlife and the environment, with a focus on the island’s foreshores.
The board identified that the risk of detrimental impacts are still high, however are confident that many of the Nature Parks ongoing projects mitigate and manage these risks.
Erosion control projects on Summerland Peninsula and Cape Woolamai, weed control projects, major research projects, and a review of the Nature Parks’ regulations in 2020 were all cited as examples of effective risk management and mitigation.
The board received an update on the Nature Parks’ major projects, including the plans for a significant number of staff to transition to new workplaces.
The Worksyard is the first workspace to be relocated, with staff inductions to the new Worksyard site at the Koala Reserve to commence during the week of Tuesday, June 11.
Staff will commence inductions and begin a phased move into the new Cowes office site from the following week.
The Cowes offices will open to the public from Monday, July 1. The last workgroups to relocate will be those currently located at the Penguin Parade Pods, and they will begin their transitions to the new office spaces at the Koala Reserve during the week of Monday, June 24.