With four goals in a winning performance by the Poowong Reserves, Troy Shepherdson was one of the best players in a keenly contested match but it was the home side, Nyora which won the all-important main game.

Nyora’s Tim Burns celebrated his 100th game on Saturday.

By Geoff Wyatt

POOWONG travelled to Nyora for the Demon Cup Round in honour of Des Rogers, a valued member of both clubs – where the homeside celebrated victory by nine points.
Both clubs value this Cup – it is played whenever the teams meet, and both clubs enjoy the prestige as the winner.
Conditions were good though the surface was slippery in places due to the week’s rain, Poowong kicked to the Speedway end of the ground with little or no breeze early.
Poowong are still missing a few players as Nyora opened with a point, but it was Jack Hazendonk that kicked the first goal for Poowong followed by two points by Nyora and then a long running goal.
James Doria put Poowong back in front followed by two points with Nyora adding three singles before quarter time.
The game was tight, but Nyora got away to a great start with four goals, but Poowong fought back with James Doria kicking his second followed by points to both sides before James Doria added his third running into an open goal.
Nyora added their sixth goal but with a couple of bad misses the lead could have been larger halftime.
Ben Schultz and Ilan Osman were looking dangerous up forward and Ryan Spooner and Rhys Bancroft were getting plenty of the ball for Nyora and for Poowong Jayden Sullivan was playing well as was Jack Hazendonk with James Doria dangerous around goal.
Poowong were making too many turnovers and were not putting enough pressure on in the centre, Nyora was getting it out to often.
Poowong came out determined and started with James Doria kicking his fourth from a pass followed by a point before Trevor Hooker kicked a good goal from the boundary to make the difference five points.
Nyora added a point before Ben Schultz marked strongly on the lead and goaled.
Trevor Hooker kicked his second and Poowong’s seventh but Nyora added two goals – one by Ben Schultz, the other from a turnover. Nyora hit the post before Poowong managed four singles when goals were required. At three quarter time Nyora led by 15 points.
The breeze had freshened to Nyora’s end, Poowong’s coach Mick Hawkens asked for a big effort from the players, he shifted young gun Jai Newcombe onto Ben Schultz to try and limit his influence.
Nyora added three points early before a goal from another turn over, Poowong lifted with Jayden Sullivan and Will Lumby defending well and with Jai Newcombe able to punch the ball away in the marking contests.
Jack Hazendonk and Thomas Wyatt were getting a bit more of the ball to enable Poowong to go forward, they added two quick goals, one to Jack Hazendonk and the other to Hayden Wallis after a pass from Josh McNally but the siren sounded with Poowong down by eleven points and the Demon Cup was Nyora’s.
Poowong will have to work on reducing their turnovers and improve their foot passing under pressure and the rovers need to get more support at the centre bounces with more tackling from the midfield players.
Poowong remain in third position with Nyora moving up to fourth.
The Reserves had a good win but Nyora did put a bit of pressure on not sure if it was fitness but Poowong was looking vulnerable for a period, but they steadied and won.
The netball girls are playing well with wins in most grades.