Congratulations are in order to our Councillors for taking the second step along the ‘New Direction’ road.
The first was the decision to end the reign of the too long serving CEO, Mr Tim Tamlin.
The second step was the decision to send the ‘Tamlin’ orchestrated proposed budget for 2019/20 back to the manufacturers. The primary reason for doing so, is to accommodate the previously requested room to allow for the 3 per cent rate reduction.
The ‘Tamlin’ guided model did nothing to achieve the outcome requested.
Make no mistake, this group of Councillors is listening to the people – they accepted the strong petition on the matter, and have acted appropriately.
That flies in the face of an editorial in one local paper suggesting they would be “crazy” if they did so.
When there is close to $30 million of ratepayer funds laying around in bank accounts, it should not be beyond the pale to expect a modicum of rate relief.
When the 3 per cent rate reduction will come at a cost of under $3 million, it really is a no brainer.
Now, hopefully, Council will be left in place, so we get the chance to find out if our new CEO, Mr Bryan Sword, is made of the right steel.
John McCombe, Leongatha.