IT TOOK Brandon Lawrence three weeks to turn a broken-down, old, but much-loved Cypress tree on the foreshore at Rhyll on Phillip Island into a nautical masterpiece that captures the essence, history and heritage of the seaside hamlet, all in one.
And last Saturday morning it was officially opened with more than 100 interested people in attendance.
“I had a nautical scene in mind, built around The Ferry Captain with all the things associated with Rhyll; the black swans, the pelican, the fish a snapper and the cheeky seal,” said Brandon.
I’m pretty happy with how it’s come up.”
There were many at Saturday’s launch in total agreeance.
“When we saw Brandon’s sketch, we frankly couldn’t believe he would be able to create it out of that stump but there it is, amazing,” said Rhyll Community Association President Judy Lawrence.
“I am in total awe that he has been able to do it and so magnificently.
“It’s going to become a real drawcard. When the cruise ships come in we’ve got something to show them, and it’ll be a destination for other visitors. An iconic piece of the island here at Rhyll.”
And so say all of us!
The timber sculpture will require a protective coat of varnish each year against the ravages of the sea, wind and rain.